Almost no one is watching Al-Jazeera America

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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If you thought the number of people signing up for health care on the Obamacare exchanges was low, wait until you hear how many people watch Al-Jazeera America.

According to the New York Post, the network is averaging just 13,000 viewers a day.

Al-Jazeera America, which launched Aug. 20, is attracting less than half of the viewers of Current TV, the channel it replaced, which was not exactly known as a ratings powerhouse.

In the important 25-54-year old demographic, Al-Jazeera America is registering just 5,000 viewers a day, the Post reports.

The exact make-up of the audience was not reported, but it most likely consists predominantly of liberal arts college professors who regularly employ the word “jingoistic” in daily conversation and people who voted for Dennis Kucinich during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

Founded by the Emir of Qatar in the mid-1990s, Al-Jazeera first came to prominence as the go-to media outlet of al-Qaida. Its Arabic language channel features a show hosted by influential Islamic theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The radical preacher has been barred from entering the U.S since 2009 and has praised the Holocaust, publicly prayed that Allah would allow Muslims to commit the next Holocaust of the Jews and legitimized the killing of American soldiers in Iraq.

The Qatari government-funded network purchased the Al Gore-owned Current TV in January for $500 million in order to launch Al-Jazeera America.

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