Apple’s Siri says Ron Paul represents her political views

Faith Braverman Contributor
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If you’re one of the 56% of Americans that owns an iPhone, here’s an interesting question to ask your best digital friend: “Siri, what are your political views?”

After contemplating the question — or pinging the Apple servers for a suitable answer — the digital personal assistant directs users to the Ron Paul Wikipedia page.

The feature doesn’t seem to be limited to users who identify as libertarian. Most people who ask the question are being directed to the former congressman’s page, which espouses his distinctly libertarian philosophies.

One of the reasons for the sudden political declaration could be Ron Paul’s son in the Senate. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul recently defended Apple’s tax practices, and called on Congress to apologize for berating “one of America’s greatest success stories”. (RELATED:Rand Paul slams ‘show trial’ hearing over Apple’s tax practices)

Apple did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller’s request for comment.


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