CMS: Improvements to HealthCare.gov ongoing

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The Obama administration says it has made “measurable progress” toward improving the HealthCare.gov web site.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) spokeswoman Julie Bataille told reporters on a Monday conference call that the website underwent improvements over the weekend to benefit consumers using the site.

“We have a lot more work today, but as this work demonstrates, HeathCare.gov is getting better and improving performance and user experiences each week,” she said.

Bataille said that the site is faster and that users are experiencing fewer errors.

She further spoke to the idea that the administration’s goal is for site to work for the “vast majority” of users, or 80 percent.

“We know that there are individuals that fall into a variety of different categories who will simply choose not to enroll online or would not be served best by doing so.

“So those would include people who experience technical difficulties, the kind of error messages, response times — things that we have been talking about that we’re trying to knock down by working through our punch list — and then certainly there are those who have complex family and personal situations who may be in a universe of people who would be better served in person or going to a call center,” she said adding that people who do not feel comfortable enrolling online would be another group that would not go through the website.

Bataille explained that HealthCare.gov has been able to support between 20,000 and 25,000 consumers in the marketplace application, in addition to the educational sections of the site.

When the website launched on Oct. 1, just six people were able to enroll.

More than 90 percent of people who try to complete the account creation process are successful, Bataille added.

She further said that the Spanish language website continues to be on track to launch at the end of the month.

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