How to stop a crazed abortion enthusiast on the warpath

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Here’s some amazing raw video of an angry woman on the campus of Ohio State University who knocks over some signs filled with fetuses. Then, thanks to the calm argument of an abortion protester — who by the way films her antics — she ends up apologizing and picking up the signs she just knocked over.

It’s hard to believe the short video isn’t a hoax, but it was apparently put on YouTube on Nov. 13 by a local anti-abortion group called Created Equal

The video starts with the woman angrily knocking over at least two triangular poster-board images of aborted babies. She then walks so close to the camera that it appears she is touching it.

“This is a school,” the pro-abortion woman declares. “This is a place where we should feel safe to learn about things. And you’re coming in here and fucking up everybody’s day.”

The offended woman continues: “The truth about abortion is that it’s someone’s choice, and it’s the hardest choice that they’re ever going to have to make. And you’re making them feel worse about it.”

The never-seen abortion protester responds by saying, “Okay, well, these babies are feeling awful bad…”

The woman quickly cuts him off.

“They’re not babies. They’re clumps of cells,” she blurts, bending forward for emphasis.

“I’m a clump of cells just like you,” the guy answers. “What’s this?” he then asks, panning the camera over to a poster emblazoned with an aborted baby with a head, arms and legs. “Does that look like a clump of cells? It looks like a baby to me.”

“You’re a viable human being. That’s a zygote,” the college-aged woman replies—blissfully unaware of what a zygote is.

At about this point, some other woman walks by off camera screaming, “That’s why people have opinions! It’s America!”

The woman who knocked down the signs then shifts to speaking about opinions. She says it’s okay to “have your opinion” but wrong “to make people feel bad” about abortion.

“Well, obviously, we can’t have our own opinion because you just knocked down all of our signs,” the abortion-protesting guy sagely observes.

“I was only doing it because somebody else was doing it, too,” the woman explains. “So, I’m sorry about that. It is your right to come today but I just think this venue—not a good place.”

The cameraman then diplomatically asks the woman to help pick up the signs she had knocked down. She agrees, and goes over to pick up them up.

“Well, thank you,” says the grateful abortion protester.

The video ends with a fundraising appeal for Created Equal.

The anti-abortion group must set up shop on the Ohio State campus pretty regularly because this same basic scenario unfolded on a cold, dreary day in April when a far angrier and much, much less photogenic woman tore up and stepped on no fewer than five double-sided posters. (RELATED: Watch this unhinged bully stomp all over pro-life signs at Ohio State)

“You want an overpopulated earth?” that pro-abortion woman asked. “You want to keep paying taxes for babies that are born to crackheads?”


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