Samsung Galaxy faces potential ban in US

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Samsung could face a band on the sale of certain devices in the U.S. after a Monday court ruling over allegations the company violated Apple patents.

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rescinded part of a 2012 ruling by a California U.S. District Court that allowed Samsung to continue selling 26 products using what Apple claimed were proprietary patents.

Monday’s unanimous ruling means Apple gets a second chance to convince San Jose U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh that the iPhone maker has sustained irreparable damage as a result of Samsung’s patent violations.

Samsung argued in favor of paying a settlement in the original case, which the California jury awarded Apple in the amount of $1 billion. Koh also disagreed with the high damage assessment calculated by the jury, and the two companies continue to debate the amount.

The appeals court ruling said Koh made multiple errors in her determination in favor of Samsung, and that she “should spend more time considering evidence,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

Though Apple’s injunction was originally aimed at specific devices from Samsung’s Galaxy line in 2011, the new ruling — if upheld by Koh — could apply to newer devices like the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II as well.

A reconsideration of the trial is set for 2014, while the case over the $1 billion settlement is ongoing.

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