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‘The Hammer’ cautiously optimistic about his freedom

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Former House Whip Tom DeLay (R-Texas) wore a relieved expression this morning at the Hay Adams Hotel where he was spotted dining with a plump man named “Ames.”

When approached by a few journalists, DeLay rose, smiled and relented to answering a couple of questions. At this point in the meal, there was no food in front of the former House Whip known as “The Hammer.” Just black coffee.

The first question: “How does it feel to be free?”

“It’s not quite finished, but it has been appealed,” he said, calling the decision a “wonderful, wonderful Godsend.” Rolling his eyes, he said they “finally got it right.”

In mid-September, DeLay’s conviction for funneling corporate funds to Texas candidates during the 2002 election cycle was overturned, bringing him one step significantly closer to freedom. During the appeal process, the ex-congressman was out on bail and hoping to avoid the three-year prison sentence he received.

These days, DeLay said he spends the majority of his time in Houston, not Washington. His friend, Ames, said Washington ought to be shut down. DeLay grinned, and, at least visibly appeared to agree with the sentiment.

In other DeLay news, he laughed when asked if he’d watch “Alpha House,” the new Amazon series on lawmakers living in a townhouse on Capitol Hill. He said he watched the first episode of the Netflix drama “House of Cards” but had to cease watching because it was “too raunchy.” On a more serious note, he insinuated that the drama of “House of Cards” was way too close to reality. “I want to know who in the Whip’s office talked to them,” he said.

Actor Kevin Spacey is so good in his role as House Whip, isn’t he?

DeLay replied, “Yeah, unfortunately.”