America is about to have the tallest, scariest waterslide in the world

Just when you thought America couldn’t get any more awesome, along comes the world’s tallest, scariest and most extreme waterslide.

The totally dangerous-looking slide is slated to open at Schlitterbahn, a water park in the Kansas City area, on the Kansas side.

The four-person raft ride will be called VERRUCKT MEG-A-BLASTER. That first all-caps word, quite appropriately, means “insane” in German, according to Amusement Today.

At almost 140 feet tall, the ride is expected to drop riders at speeds over close to 66 miles per hour. There’s even a ramp hump toward the end, followed by a second gentle hill.

The ride will be just slightly taller and slightly faster than the current tallest, fastest, most ridiculous waterslide in the world: Insano at Beach Park in Fortaleza, Brazil. The Brazilian waterslide looms 134.5 feet in the air (14 stories) and sends brave riders just over 65 miles per hour.

“To ensure the record-holding statistics of this new extreme attraction, we are not going to release final height and scope of the project until we are ready to welcome our first guests,” Schlitterbahn spokesman Jeff Henry told Amusement Today. “This new Meg-a-Blaster speed-slide is going to wow our guests and is going to be a game changer for our industry. Our greatest challenge will be to find thrill seekers brave enough to ride.”

The ride looks like a standard waterslide. It’s a standard flume with nothing much on either of the sloped sides to keep thrill-seekers from, say, flying right off. Of course, it isn’t completed yet.

At, you can see a bunch of photos of the construction phase of this monstrosity.

Here’s what the about-to-be-second-tallest waterslide on earth looks like on the way down:

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