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A few favorites from the day…

Should journalists have to disclose their drug use? In light of the busted lawmaker Trey Radel this week, some Washington journalists are contemplating an unusual topic this week: if they’ve ever snorted coke, should they have to disclose? National Journal‘s Ben Terris writes up the piece. “Some members of the media wondered if there was another hypocrisy at play here. One that involved themselves.” Read here.

A heated White House Press Corps. Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein writes about angered White House reporters challenged Josh Earnest over press access to President Obama. They attacked Dep. Press Sec. Josh Earnest on the matter, who toed the presidential line. Earnest said it was par for the course, which definitely didn’t appease journalists like MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and McClatchy’s Steve Thomma. Read here.