Jose Canseco has pet goats now, because of course

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Jose Canseco is the gift that just keeps giving when it comes to crazy. There was a time when he was a semi-respected baseball player for the Oakland A’s and the Texas Rangers, but now a normal day for him includes getting pulled over by the cops with goats in the car.

Canseco tweeted Wednesday that he got pulled over by the police after obtaining two pet goats for his girlfriend Leila Knight. He had tweeted earlier that the fainting goats were going to be her children until they had their own human version, and that they would be documenting the process of getting the goats and living with them.


They also recently bought tortoises in addition to their four dogs. Canseco’s oversharing on Twitter has become one of the hallmarks of his new persona. Some notable highlights of his Twitter presence include when he thought Al Gore was dead, when he tried to run for mayor of Toronto despite not being a Canadian citizen (or resident of Toronto), and when he bizarrely live-tweeted about the time he was accused of rape.



Never change Jose. Never change.


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