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Editors, reporters, fear  

“Should be a German word for the terror that takes place between filing something and getting editor reaction.” — Politico‘s Ben White.


A refreshing exchange 

PoliticalIll1 (no one you should know): “Read a real book on JFK ASS. …before you write a joke of one. The D-S kid who bags my groceries could out debate you.”

GOP strategist and blogger Roger Stone:”Eat me asshole !!!!!”

Speaking of eating, BuzzFeed editor buys bagel from Wendy’s 

“The worst part is that my wife had already eaten 60% of the @Wendys bagel before discovering the black hair. How much hair did she eat?!?” — BuzzFeed Political Editor McKay Coppins. He explained later that he was in Terminal C of JFK airport, a quasi-decent explanation for why he bought a bagel from Wendy’s in the first place.

Anatomy of a Washington Post Erik Wemple story 

You suck … blah blah blah … Oh, wait, maybe you don’t suck so bad, maybe some people love you … Oh, but you do, you really suck … yada yada yada … the end.


The Cocaine Congressman (a.k.a. “House of Cards” real life Peter Russo) 

“Cocaine is an improvement on the flattery and power that most members of Congress get high off of.” — Jon Lovett, presidential speechwriter.

“In 50 years time, we’ll all remember where we were when we heard Rep Trey Radel was taking a leave of absence.” — The Sunday Times Washington Bureau Chief Toby Harnden.

“The real hubris is believing you let down your country as a freshman representative 99.7% of the population doesn’t know.” — CQ Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner.

“Trey Radel was sorry…that he got caught.” — Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank.

Journalism Today

“On WaPo mobile app, top stories include: state senator recovers from son’s stabbing, congressman on leave for coke, congresswoman attacked.” — Washington Post‘s Paul Kane.

Ron Fournier’s TV hit: A dream come true

“Congrats to @ron_fournier! his incessant Obama basshing [sic] finally got him an invite on Fox News tonight where he compared O’care to Iraq War” — Media Matters writer Eric Boehlert on National Journal‘s Fournier.

Overheard in the newsroom: Who said it? 

“What does DTF mean?” — Anonymous reporter.

(If you overhear something interesting or funny in your newsroom, let me know about it at Your anonymity will be protected at all times. I’ll do this feature until my coworkers stop speaking to me or start throwing things at me.)

TV reporter nearly struck by car

“Urban stress. Cross 13th street car turns almost runs me down. Driver stops, screams. I had a green light. Um… I had a walk signal.” — ABC7’s Tschida.


“How many reporters are recusing themselves from the Radel story? How many should be?” — HuffPost Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim.

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And a little journo love from Grim’s coworker 

“Love it. @ryangrim making the case that it’s good to have people in Congress who have experience w/ drugs. they make the drug laws after all.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.