New scam convinces people a hitman is going to kill them

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Has your inbox being feeling empty lately without multiple notifications that you’ve inherited money from distant relatives, or pleas from foreign royalty offering a big money for a small favor?

Have no fear. A new, more sinister way to try and separate you from your money has emerged.

The latest way to try and scam people into forking over cash is to threaten their lives. The unfortunate target receives a text informing them that someone has ordered a hit on them. The texter is the hired hitman who will spare the target’s life if they get $5,000 to the hitman in two days.

The numbers doing the texting tend to be foreign and give the target an anonymous email address, reports KHOU. This new scam has been documented worldwide, including in the US.

So unless you’re the head of a crime syndicate, a snitch, or a cheating spouse, you can probably ignore these threats.

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