Nikki Haley: I’d prefer a governor for next president [VIDEO]

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley added her voice Thursday to a coalition of Republicans who want to see a governor become the next president.

Speaking at a Republican Governor’s Association press conference in Arizona, Haley emphasized that Republican governors have shown leadership qualities that lawmakers in Washington lack, particularly, she said, because “they can’t even keep the government open.”

“I’m a huge fan of governors, you know, because it’s not about talk. It’s about what they do,” Haley said. “And so, while I think we’re going to have a fabulous slate of candidates for [the] presidency and I think we need to look at each and every one,what I always think are important are results. And it’s really hard for someone out of DC to prove results when they can’t even stay open.”

“I mean, governors make great CEOs,” Haley insisted. “They just do. It’s easier for us to look at how they handled their state and how they would handle a country than it is one member of DC, saying, well maybe they could do it. So for me, yeah, I always prefer governors over others.”

“There’s no saints in Washington right now. Republicans and Democrats have royally screwed this up,” Haley said.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker recently announced his preference for governors as well. Republican Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy has also endorsed the idea of a Republican governor for president in 2016.

Walker and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are both widely expected to run for president.

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