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Palin cancels Lauer interview over Bashir smear

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Remember when Sarah Palin guest-hosted the Today Show? Remember how it was the first time you watched the show in years? Well, you don’t have to worry about that happening again anytime soon. Palin has decided not to help the ratings of a company that encourages its employees to demonize her.

Howard Kurtz:

The former Alaska governor and Fox News contributor was scheduled to sit down with Matt Lauer for a Christmas season interview. That’s now toast.

Palin has now canceled Lauer’s scheduled trip to Wasilla, a source close to her tells me. It’s not because Palin is upset with Lauer or the “Today” show, but as a protest against NBC for not taking action against Bashir…

MSNBC has not suspended Bashir, despite imposing a two-week suspension on another talk show host, actor Alec Baldwin, for hurling an anti-gay slur at a photographer outside his New York apartment. The network has had nothing to say publicly about Bashir’s sliming of Palin.

Yeah, the closest thing they’ve made to a statement is this bare-bones tweet:

This is odd, considering that just the day before, they’d promoted Bashir’s fecal fantasies with this condescending editorial comment:

Why would Bashir have to apologize for giving a “remedial course”? He was instructing the big dummy, wasn’t he? First, MSNBC thought it was worth promoting. Now they have nothing to say about it, haughty or otherwise.

With all apologies to your most recent meal, let’s take another look at the, ahem, segment in question:

Bashir didn’t put all that together himself. He wasn’t the only guy in the room. He’s got a staff and crew, and presumably there’s somebody at MSNBC who reads his copy before he spews it out on the air. Nobody in that whole organization thought there was any problem whatsoever with what he said. Hell, they were promoting it two days later.

Martin Bashir may very well be sincerely sorry. Fine. At issue is the entire culture of MSNBC, which is the culture of the left. It’s okay to say the foulest, most demented things imaginable about people who disagree with them. And when one of their comrades does so, he won’t face the same consequences they demand when people who disagree with them say things they don’t like.

If Palin doesn’t want to play nice with people who are so insanely hostile and vitriolic to her, good for her. Tough $#!+, NBC.

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Jim Treacher