Remote-control house? There’s an app for that

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Installing smart-home automation systems can be pricey, which is why designer Roger Yiu is giving consumers a back door to controlling your home on your mobile — the Smart Power Strip app.

The Smart Power Strip lets you power on and off any device you can plug into a conventional wall outlet. You can also set timers and read your electricity usage in real-time, all from your smartphone.

One unit includes four plug-ins and two USB inputs. That’s more ports than you can get with any comparable single-unit on the market for a significantly cheaper price — $100 to $120 if you buy into the Kickstarter project now.

The Smart Power Strip is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and you can control your devices from anywhere — you don’t have to be within range of your home’s WiFi network.

You can also set up alerts as to what is turned on when — useful for regulating your kids’ or roommates’ TV or game time, especially since you can turn anything on or off, on the go.

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