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Overheard in the newsroom: Who said it? 

“I will retreat from this conversation. I feel dirty.” — Anonymous reporter. (Have a quote from your newsroom you want to share? Write me at



GAY MARRIAGE AND SCRAMBLED EGGS: “The media seems to be more obsessed with abortion issues than your average voter.” — Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker at the Christian Science Monitor Breakfast Friday morning at the St. Regis Hotel. The comment came after taking a slew of questions on social issues including gay marriage and abortion, kicking off with USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page posing a question about gay marriage and then at least three reporters following up on it.

Uh oh! 

“My hotel is on fire, so they shut off the wifi to force people out of the building. Way we live now sociological snapshot: hotel’s on fire so 100 disgruntled people in the street clutching laptops + iPhones” — Bloomberg Business Week‘s Joshua Green.


Joan Walsh has a thick skin? 

“Guys, people live in fear of being called a racist for making fun of people’s hair. This is not America!” — Salon Editor-at-Large and MSNBC “Hardball” regular Joan Walsh on Twitter reacting to The Mirror‘s story published Thursday defending Commentary‘s John Podhoretz‘s right to poke fun at Oprah‘s hair upon her winning the Medal of Freedom. Podwhore was called racist and sexist for his hair remarks. But who can blame Walsh for being so reactive. She explained, “Once you start keeping track of the difference in insanity and sexism faced by women and men who write similar things, you can’t stop.” Oh the audacity and what a victim she is: “Last week I RT’d a pro-Obama Brian Beutler piece but I was the one accused of wanting to have the president’s child. #trackingsexism.” In a revealing emotional comment, she said, “Lot of crazy all-caps tweets tonight. But just an average amount of mysogyny. (I’m thick skinned now.) So it’s a good day.”

What else is Podhoretz thinking about? 

“I mean, why not fire Martin Bashir? It’s not like anybody watches him.” — Commentary‘s Podwhore.

SWAK: White House reporter pleased with story that highlights his work

“It’s self serving of me, but I must say I like this @ron_fournier piece.” — NYT White House correspondent Michael Shear on a piece by National Journal’s Ron Fournier in which he calls Shear’s work “well-argued analysis.” See Fournier’s story here.