Rob Gronkowski chooses ‘time machine’ as his super power

Jordan Demcher Contributor
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New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski told former Patriots quarterback and Boston area sports radio co-host Scott Zolak that his ideal super power would be a “time machine.”

In one segment of the interview, fans were able to submit questions they wanted to ask the tight end.

Here’s how the exchange went down:

Zolak: We’re going to start with some questions here. Sophie from Southie: “If you could have a super power, what would that one super power be?”
Gronkowski: Man, like a time machine.
Zolak: You could be invisible.
Gronkowski: Does a time machine count?
Zolak: Yeah, let’s do it. We could build a time machine right here.
Gronkowski: Like if I could just be like, “I want to be in Florida right now,” and then boom, I’m in Florida.
Zolak: That would be more like a transporter but —
Gronkowski: Yeah, is that a super power?

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