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Shamelessness at a Glance

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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So what’s happening in Washington’s shameless department?

Let’s have a look.


Is he looking for a cameo? 

“Kudos to Garry Trudeau for making four GOP senators so entertaining on his ‘Alpha House’ series on Amazon. Hard work, but he did it.” — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn on Twitter this week.

Unnecessary suck up 

“Really happy we’ll get more @hillhulse – now Chief Washington Correspondent — bylines in paper, too. Few are as well-sourced as carl.” — NYT‘s Jonathan Martin sucking up to his NYT higher up Carl Hulse (not that Carl doesn’t deserve praise and a king-like status, but still…).

This might be considered Drudge Whoring…

Headline: “Krauthammer: Matt Drudge is a ‘genius,’ ‘greatest headline writer in the history of mankind.'”

Who’d write a headline like that?

(So far Drudge hasn’t taken the bait.)

UPDATE: Actually, hang on. As of Friday night, the above headline earned a Drudge link.