Obama gives rushed speech to tout nuke deal with Iran’s theocracy [VIDEO]

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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President Barack Obama used a seven-minute late-night TV speech to maximize the PR impact of his nuclear deal with Iran’s Islamist theocracy.

Throughout the speech, the president repeatedly swiveled his head as if he were addressing a large audience.

But there were only a few officials in the White House’s formal State Room as he read the speech from two teleprompters positioned to his left and right, according to the pool reporter.

“Good evening. Today, [swivel] the United States — together with our close [swivel] allies and partners — took an important [swivel] first step toward a comprehensive solution that addresses [swivel] our concerns with [swivel] the Islamic Republic of Iran’s [swivel] nuclear program,” he declared.

According to the pool report, “In the room as the president spoke: Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor for strategic Communications and speechwriting, and several NSC staff members.”


Obama’s deal with Iran is likely to snatch the headlines away from his increasingly unpopular and radioactive Obamacare health network, where broken promises, price hikes and millions of cancelled insurance policies have hammered his ratings below 40 percent in the last two weeks.

The deal with Iran’s theocracy will get much coverage partly because it transfers billions of dollars to Iran, while allowing Iran to continue accumulating stockpiles of radioactive fuel for future nuclear bombs to threaten enemies in the region, including Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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