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What is this, a joke? Jewish Insider has a funny (headline at least) about a rabbi, a senator, an ambassador and a congresswoman all walking into a Jewish deli in D.C. over the weekend. The senator is  Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), the congresswoman is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii).  My tipster suggested Booker might be dating the congresswoman. But alas, no. Booker is reportedly dating entertainment lawyer Bianca Levin. See JI here.

Washington Post behaving badly. Medill’s Watchdog blog has an interesting observation about an investigative series in The Washington Post. At issue: Did the Post give enough credit to two Baltimore Sun reporters who previously exposed the same six business owners featured in the Post series? Three of the men were criminally charged and two were disbarred after The Sun‘s investigation. The Post didn’t bother to acknowledge The Sun‘s stories until graph 58 of the series on Day 2, Medill found. Sigh. Read here.

Since when does NPR do Oprah lesbian references? In a pretty funny feature today on NPR’s “the salt” blog, Ian Chillag (is this a real name?) writes about Oprah’s “Love Sandwich.” It’s among her famed “favorite things” and includes lemon-artichoke pesto. On the photograph of the sandwich, they write, “Best served with a side of Gayle.” See here.

CNN’s Piers Morgan says he’d never do Botox. In an interview with Politico‘s Patrick Gavin, CNN’s Piers Morgan opens up about his pet peeves, which include Madonna, he admits that he Googles himself a lot and finally, he adores his own forehead. “What is your favorite body part on yourself and why? My forehead is oddly line free. So much so that my family and friends back home often accuse me of having Botox, which I have not, and would never do.” Read the full interview here.

Jerk alert. Not surprisingly, Rick Stengel, who once freaked out at the St. Regis when I tried to take his picture, is kind of a dick. The Washington Times discovers he earned quite a bonus in 2012 and then laid some employees off. He has since left TIME for the State Department. See the gory details here.