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Roland Martin bananas for Homeland

“Man, [Homeland] is turning into an episode of HBO’s Oz! This episode is bananas.” — TV One host Roland Martin.


Luke Russert is a heckuva guy

“You might not know this but @AnnCurry is a heck of a beat reporter. #IranTalks.” — NBC’s Luke Russert.

Travel Bitches

“Seriously?” — Digital First Media’s Steve Buttry, by far the biggest travel bitch in the Washington area. He was responding to United Airlines, who wrote him personally, saying, “Steve Buttry, we know delays aren’t fun, but we try our best to get you on your way as quickly as we can.” At this point airline counters in major airports across American likely have his picture posted. As a warning, of course.

Uh oh, speaking of travel bitching… “Horrible customer service from @AmericanAir : flight from BNA -DCA been delayed since 8:50am and ZERO updates.” — RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer.

D.C. journos bravely face Old Man Winter 

“Have I mentioned lately how much I hate winter?” — Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich.

“If you’re not moving and just standing around, you won’t feel your face after 4 minutes. #Frigid #DC.” — NBC’s Russert to a viewer Becky Moylan, who wrote, “Basing how cold it is outside by how cold [Luke Russert] looks reporting outside the White House.”

“Finally old enough to realize that the ‘take off your jacket indoors or you’ll never warm up’ line was a lie, a cold lie.” — NYT‘s Annie Lowry.


Gross Tweet of the Day: Hilaria creates shitstorm 

“To us, our daughter is royalty…. And today her name is: Queen Pooponmommy.” — Hilaria Baldwin, spouse of MSNBC’s Alec Baldwin (at least we think he still works for MSNBC at this point). See “Pooponmommy” above in a picture that appeared in US Magazine. The baby’s name is really Carmen, but “Pooponmommy Baldwin” has a certain ring to it.

Rep. Steve Cohen creates own shorthand: WTF? 

“I support #Israel ,#peace, and #Obama . Agrement with #Iran will be good for Israel,peace,and #America (Obama )Briefed n WHThurs;feel good..” — Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.). That’s it, I’m hooked. A lawmaker this discombobulated gets a follow from me any day of the week.