The knockout game: Xbox One edition

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Two Xbox One customers were robbed and one was knocked unconscious after a mugger attacked the two men and stole their purchases following the system’s midnight release in Gloucester, England.

A 25-year-old suffered facial injuries and a 27-year old was knocked unconscious while trying to enter a car after buying two Xbox One systems at a nearby store. The assailant made off with both purchases.

“With demand still high for the Xbox One and the new Sony PS4 release next week, Gloucestershire Police are urging anyone planning to make a late-night trip to purchase one of the items to consider carrying the item in another bag, other than the one supplied by the shop, so it is not obvious as to what the bag contains,” a spokesman for the Gloucestershire Police told the Daily Mail.

“Police are also suggesting that you park your car in a well-lit area, and as near to the shop as possible to keep your journey short. If you become suspicious of anyone around you then call the police,” the spokesman said.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 U.K. release is midnight on Friday.

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