So was a flop, but works great

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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So we’re still working through a few bugs in the administration’s last-minute fix, but with only two days to go until Thanksgiving, is functioning flawlessly.

The latest administration page provides users with a smooth, seamless experience while providing them with Thanksgiving options, like which turkey they would like the president to pardon.

Even the most detailed, intimate information is provided for the purpose of making an accurate personal selection, including the turkeys’ names, birthdays, favorite songs and “gobble” sound clips.

For example, Caramel the turkey is a Lady Gaga fan, while Popcorn prefers Beyonce. Both are named after pre-existing foods to avoid market discrimination.

Users are easily directed across servers and instructed on where to make their selections. Hashtags have been provided for making your turkey choice on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Questions about the Obama administration’s management capabilities have been raised in the wake of the spoiled rollout. But now, the flawless rollout of the White House turkey Web page — just days before the feast — has surely restored faith in the president’s ability to provide for Americans’ most crucial needs.

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