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Just in time for the holidays: Roland’s Rules 

“And for the first time, #RolandsRules will be live on TV! Watch @tvonetv #NewsOneNow” Wednesday at 9 am EST to watch me lay down the law!” — TV One’s Roland Martin. As those who’ve followed his “rules” know they include various restrictions for family members. If 2011 is any indication, some of his rules for Thanksgiving include: 1. If you change the channel on my TV, I will crack out the yellow police crime tape on you. Turn from the game and see what happens! 2. Ah, baby, you don’t like sweet potato pie? You want pumpkin pie? That oven works. Feel free to bake it your damn self! 3. If you can’t cook, then seriously, just buy the ice. I’ve had food poisoning twice. I don’t need you messing up my holiday weekend. See all 2o rules here.

Actor gives a shit about U.S. negotiations with Iran: “Is it just me, or is it disconcerting that Iran has a totally different view of the nuke deals terms?” — actor Rob Lowe. MSNBC “The Cycle” Co-host Ari Melber cracked, “Someone had to say it.


Presidential hopeful Roseanne Barr lets loose

“Some fucking dipshit ex husbands have no clue as to what shld be public and what private. 1- #ass 2- #elbow =different things #blocked.” — Roseanne Barr last night. Barr ran for president in 2012 with the California-based Peace and Freedom Party. 

Good times with the fam 

“The 11 year old cousin keeps calling me ‘ma’am.’ Really, I’m not THAT old.” — Jessica Taylor, digital reporter for MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown.”

Deep Thoughts With Dave Weigel 

“You roll your eyes at those people wearing garish galoshes, and then you walk outside for five minutes and your shoes soak through.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in his debut appearance in The Mirror! This is nothing short of just thrilling.

Now this is some serious ass kissing

“Role reversal: I’m on the couch + @brianstelter‘s on TV! Love wakin up to him on @NewDay w/@KateBolduan@ChrisCuomo.” — Jamie Shupak, author and fiancé to CNN’s newest hire, Stelter.

CNNers in heated race from New York to D.C. 

“TODAY: looking for some RTs – I am racing the great @NicRobertsonCNN and @BrianToddCNN from NY to DC#CNNRace” — CNN Washington-based reporter Lisa Desjardins.

New job excitement

“Can’t believe I’m shooting my 1st portrait for Forbes magazine this morning!!” — Washington party photog Tony Powell.

 Only in Washingtonish…

“Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah to @OSD_FOIA Please grant my holiday wish by ruling on my two-year old FOIA for unclassified DARPA records.” — Sharon Weinberger, national security reporter and author. She’s based in New York, but her work has appeared in Washington Post mag and a slew of other publications.