Really, Mr. President? Alleged Obama letter to Texas school teacher calls critics ‘tea-baggers’

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President Barack Obama allegedly used the term “tea-baggers” to describe members of the Tea Party movement in a handwritten response to a fifth-grade school teacher’s letter criticizing Obamacare.

The crude and derogatory term, which is brimming with sexual innuendo, appears in a note penned on stationery bearing the words “The White House” at the top. The man who says he received the missive is Thomas Ritter of Irving, Texas, reports the Daily Mail.

Ritter, 49, had written a letter to Obama before Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, and well before the law’s embarrassingly disastrous launch.

“This bill has caused such a divisive, derisive and toxic environment,” he wrote. “The reality is that any citizen that disagrees with your administration is targeted and ridiculed.”

“I watched you make fun of tea baggers and your press secretary make fun of Ms. Palin which was especially beneath the dignity of the White House,” wrote the Texas teacher. “Do the right thing not the political thing. Suggest a bill that Americans can support.”

(Ms. Palin would be, of course, Sarah Palin.)

Ritter was shocked, he claims, when Obama bothered to respond to his letter. He was even more shocked when the president used the word “tea-bagger” himself to describe his political opponents.

The writer of the letter Ritter received starts by describing the political environment as “toxic.”

“I do have to challenge you, though, on the notion that any citizen that disagrees with me has been ‘targeted and ridiculed,’ or that I have ‘made fun’ of tea-baggers.”

The author of the impressive display of both hope and change places no quote marks around the term “tea-baggers.”

The website Urban Dictionary currently contains 64 definitions of the word “teabagger.”

In the most highly-rated definition (with 7,066 up votes), the second meaning is “a man that squats on top of a womens [sic] face and lowers his genitals into her mouth during sex, known as ‘teabagging.'”

The second-most popular Urban Dictionary definition reads: “A whining fool shouting loudly for liberty but not willing to pay the bill.”

In the 11th-most popular definition, the second meaning is “a follower of the conservative US Tea Party political movement, often used as a derogatory term.” This definition is the first one that isn’t lewdly sexual or actively hostile to Republicans, or both.

Later in the letter, Obama allegedly called his signature healthcare initiative “the right thing to do for the country even though, the writer readily admits, “it certainly wasn’t the smart ‘political thing!'”

Ritter has now placed the letter up for auction at a website called Momentsintime.com. The reserve price is $12,500, according to the Mail.

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