Vanderbilt Prof. Carol Swain: Media ‘uncomfortable’ reporting on knockout game [VIDEO]

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The media are reluctant to cover the epidemic of “knockout” attacks because the subject matter makes them uncomfortable, Vanderbilt Prof. Carol Swain told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview.

“I see a worsening of the situation in the black community under President Obama and some of this has to do with roving gangs of young people,” Swain said. “I don’t recall any other time in our history where you would get 20 or 30 young people that would go into a store, and just help themselves to whatever is on the rack, walk out of the store — that’s a new level of boldness.”

Swain also warned that the recent spate of assaults that have come to be known as “the knockout game” could inflame racial tensions in the U.S.

“People, they see another person, maybe of a different race, and they decided that they just want to beat that person up for no reason,” she said. “I think that that has probably always happened, but it seems to be happening maybe with more frequency. And it’s something that the media doesn’t feel comfortable reporting.” (RELATED: Knockout game first news trend The New York Times doesn’t believe)

Swain, professor of law and political science, said media made a mistake by refusing to openly discuss issues of crime and minority crime. Swain warned that “conditions converging at this point in history” are leading to “a devil’s brew of racial unrest.”

Catch the full interview with Prof. Swain on Sunday.

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