Brit Hume on Obamacare: ‘Political consequences will be felt long after the laughter has faded’ [VIDEO]

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Brit Hume warned Monday night that the political consequences of Obamacare will be felt by Democrats long after the disastrous rollout is forgotten.

“The president’s health insurance reform plan is now the stuff of jokes, but its political consequences will be felt long after the laughter has faded,” he explained on Fox News’ “Special Report.”

“The farcical rollout of the website, which is still not fixed, is likely to prove the least of the problems. Mr. Obama’s deceptive promise that no one would lose their doctors, hospitals or health insurance has done far greater damage. People simply do not forget such conspicuous acts of bad faith. And many congressional Democrats set to face the voters next year echoed Mr. Obama’s false promise and are thus complicit in it. Millions of Americans have now lost coverage. Millions more will. Countless others are finding out their doctors or hospitals are not included in the Obamacare insurance offerings.”

“Now, in time, Obamacare will undoubtedly produce some winners, especially those who were previously uninsured or who lost coverage but are able now to find new policies at a subsidized price,” he continued. “The problem for Democrats is that anger and disappointment are almost always more powerful political motivators than satisfaction and contentment. It is negative emotions that start political movements and drive people to the polls or sometimes the streets. Remember, Obamacare was passed at a time when 80 percent of Americans indicated in polls they were satisfied with their health care. Disrupting that was the political equivalent of knocking over a hornet’s nest, and there seems little doubt at this point who is going to get stung.”

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