Is North Korea the best place to shoot a music video? Yes.

Christopher Bedford Former Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation
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Associated Press — Two aspiring American rappers said on Saturday that they had filmed part of a music video in North Korea, hoping the novel locale will make a hit.

The rappers, known as Pacman and Peso, did not say where and how they filmed the footage, which their fundraising proposal suggested would be done on a karaoke party bus in Pyongyang. Their custom trip was arranged through a travel agency specializing in taking Westerners to North Korea, according to the proposal. Americans are able to travel to North Korea on arranged tours and are constantly accompanied by North Korea minders.

After reading the headline “Rappers Pacman and Peso claim to have filmed music video in North Korea,” got to admit the first thought was how incredibly stupid can these assclowns be? North Korea is a damn prison state. Probably the worst single place on the planet outside of Springfield, Mass. Not only that, but they’re holding an old American man captive as we write.

But then we got to the part about the karaoke party bus in Pyongyang. Which might just be the most thug-life karaoke party bus we’ve ever heard of. And then we thought, maybe Pacman and Peso are on to something? Yeah, we know Tupac was tough and stuff, and Suge Knight is a pretty mean dude, but do those guys really hold a candle to Kim Jong-Un?

Like, imagine Biggie being all “the millionaire, the mansion, the yacht!” and Lil’ Kim just staring stone cold: “The billionaire, the death camp, the fleet.” Dayummmm. Owned.

kim jong un

We guess it was only a matter of time, too. Sure, Scarface cut that dude up with a chainsaw and had that grenade launcher. But bros like Putin manufacture grenade launchers. Not much more thug life than that, right?

Plus, when we Google News’d “Pacman and Peso”?

Pacman and Peso

Yeah: “3,110 results (0.33 seconds).” Not bad for a day’s work. And definitely easier than getting shot all those times like 50.

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