Now that you’ve caught your breath, watch Auburn’s SPECTACULAR finish all over again [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Auburn stunned enraptured viewers with a 109-yard return on a missed field goal by the favored Alabama in the Iron Bowl Saturday. With only 1 second on the clock and the game tied, Alabama freshman kicker Adam Griffith sought the long game-winning field goal.

But Griffith was unable to get the distance for the 57-yard kick, which dropped the ball into the hands of Auburn’s Chris Davis, who then ran for an astounding 109 yards, leading Auburn to a win.

Katherine Webb’s boyfriend and Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron told ESPN that it was disappointing, but impressive nonetheless.

He said, “Sometimes luck just isn’t on your side. It’s one of those crazy plays. It’s almost like a video game. That’s something you do on Madden or NCAA. It’s just a wild play.”

This is only the fourth time ever that a missed field goal was returned for over 100 yards in the NCAA.

See history all over again:

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