This old guy Chargers fan will blow you away with his moves [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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When the jumbotron first came along, no one could predict quite how far it would go to encourage people to dance like the egotistical morons they are to get featured on it. Sports fans can often be seen semi-drunkenly wiggling about in the stands of any major game.

However, it takes a certain true lover of dance, or club drugs, to ignore the possibility of passing fame and dance for the sake of the artform. This guy, who hopefully is someone’s grandfather, decided to let it all (including his tongue) hang out while in the stands of Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday for the Chargers-Bengals game.

If only his exuberance could have helped the Chargers win. They lost to the Bengals 10-17. But no doubt his moves will become runaway hits at every EDM concert for the next few years. You can imagine how heart broken he was when Swedish House Mafia announced their last tour.

It’s totally reasonable to feel a little violated by the following, but enjoy.


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