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A few favorites from the day…

Making sense of newspaper columnists. In only the way that Gawker can, they break down the situation with a chart. In a nutshell, in an answer to the question of why columnists are constantly baffled by sh&t is because “They’re old as hell.” Also: Most are not women. See here. They examine WaPo, WJS, NYT and more.

Fighting over bras. Black Friday was disastrous inside a Maryland Victoria’s Secret store. Women got poked in the eye, punched. Male store workers had to pull the fighting women apart. Daily Mail has pictures.

What did the media know and when did they know it? Columbia Journalism Review‘s Trudy Leiberman takes a baseball bat to the media today in a story for Politico Magazine on the coverage of President Obama‘s Affordable Care Act website rollout. Did the media adequately prep the country for disaster? In short: Trudy says no. The media, she says, “fell down on the job,” didn’t explain why people should care and failed to answer a basic question: “Would the darn thing work?” In conclusion she asks, “Now that the website seems to be more or less working, will the media move on to the next political food fight?”