Clinton on his weed use: ‘I thought it was funny’

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Former President Bill Clinton said that he never denied using marijuana and that he “told the truth” when asked about his drug use during the 1992 campaign.

“I didn’t say I was holier than thou, I said I tried,” Clinton said in an interview with Fusion’s America host Jorge Ramos Tuesday. “I never denied that I used marijuana. I told the truth, I thought it was funny.”

Clinton’s infamous claim that he tried marijuana but “didn’t inhale” was actually deemed accurate by a journalist present at Clinton’s drug use.

Christopher Hitchens, late author of the landmark anti-Clinton polemic “No One Left to Lie To,” said that he witnessed then-Rhodes Scholar Clinton eating pot brownies during his days at Oxford.

“He preferred, like many another marijuana enthusiast, to take his dope in the form of large handfuls of cookies and brownies,” Hitchens said.

On the Clinton-Meter, this one gets chalked up to “While my answers were legally accurate, I did not volunteer information.”

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