Fit to print, apparently: New York Times declares return of female pubic hair

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Fresh off of last week’s half-a-nipple on the front page — in color and above the fold, The (newly pornographic) New York Times announced this week that bountiful pubic hair is making a triumphant comeback.

“A new look down under” has arrived for women, America’s paper of record proclaims. That new look is unruly and undomesticated.

“After years of razors, wax and lasers reducing pubic hair to the bare minimum — or nothing at all — there’s a return to a more natural state.”

Amanda Hess, presumably a leading authority on pubic hair, lays out the facts in the Women’s Fashion section.

Back in the day, she sagely explains to non-experts, women such as Marilyn Monroe took great care to maintain their pubic hair. At the same time, they generally kept that particular mane hidden from public view.

The advent of bikinis arrived in the 1960s, which caused women to feel compelled to carve out a bikini line, at least in the summertime. “By the 1990s, Playboy centerfolds had transitioned from a full growth to a teensy landing strip; by the 21st century, the ‘Brazilian’ was established as the new standard.”

Hess then suggests that the tide in turning back to an au naturel state of affairs. She notes in the Times that Gwyneth Paltrow recently told Ellen DeGeneres, “I work a ’70s vibe.” As if that fact alone doesn’t settle the issue, Lancôme model Daria Werbowy and British supermodel Naomi Campbell had themselves photographed in 2010 “with full, frank pubic hair.”

“Even young porn stars are ‘bringing the ’80s back,'” the article notes. “It’s worth noting that this look isn’t completely untamed, of course. Many women still attend to the sides and underneath. But there’s something refreshingly retro, delightfully expressive and confidently grown-up in getting back to nature.”

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