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Better late than never? 

“The WH didn’t announce the president would deliver a health care speech today until 10:40pm last night.” — CBS White House radio correspondent Mark Knoller.


Yglesias responds to Free Beacon “takedown” 

“Writing career ended by @cjciaremella’s takedown, so I’ll be on MSNBC talking about Amazon drones at 10:40instead of blogging.” — Slate‘s Matt Yglesias this morning. Read CJ Ciaremella‘s story here.

TIME 100 Gala, TIME'S 100 Most Influential People In The World - Red Carpet

Sick Savannah 

“I love your get well tweets… Thank you. Hope to conquer this nasty bug and be back soonest. Miss all of you.” — NBC “TODAY Show” Co-host Savannah Guthrie.


Words of um, wisdom

“You can only smile when the losers of the world try so hard to put down successful people. Just remember, they all want to be YOU!” — former possible presidential hopeful and always humble Donald Trump.

You’ve been warned. 

“Oh god, Chris Matthews is going to ask President Obama about Tip and Reagan, isn’t he?” — Politico Pro‘s Kevin Robillard.

At last, a coherent tweet from NYT‘s Jonathan Martin 

“Waking up to read Biden-in-japan pool reports and find recurring theme: pool shooed out of room way too quickly.” — NYT‘s Jonathan Martin, who typically tweets like a 13-year-old girl.

Overheard in the newsroom

“It never occurred to be where the yarn was stored.” — Anonymous reporter, reacting to yarn girl on Gawker. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely NSFW unless you work at The Daily Caller. Then it’s practically required watching.

Have something you’ve overheard in your newsroom? Tell me about it. No names, please, just what they said to


Self-appointed Media Critic

“In what world do people want to listen to Mika Brzezinski first thing in the morning? It’s like a chirpy alarm clock that can’t be shut off.” — TheBlaze‘s T. Becket Adams.