Obama approval rating reaches lowest RCP average ever

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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President Barack Obama’s approval rating has slid beneath the 40-percent mark for the first time ever in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

The president is now at 39.9 percent approval, and 55.8 disapproval, amid rising public frustration with his takeover of the nation’s health-care system, high unemployment and a fast-growing national debt.

The polls show his approval rates currently ranging from 37 percent in a CBS poll, up to 44 percent in a Rasmussen poll.

The drop shows that Obama has lost support from nearly all swing-voters, and even from critical slices of his base, such as university-trained professionals and suburban women.

RCP’s poll collection shows a huge 33.9 point reversal from April 2013, when Obama had 53.8 approval and 41.8 disapproval.

Other polls show that trust in Obama has plunged, making it harder for him to promote any policies that might boost his approval rating.

Gallup’s survey say 50 percent think Obama is “honest and trustworthy,” down from 60 percent in mid-2013. Currently, 47 percent of Gallup’s respondent do not think he deserves the label.

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