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Amazon may be on the verge of revolutionizing home delivery, but this web chat proves the company’s customer service needs some work.

Chris Williams noticed an email attached to his Amazon account that didn’t belong to him. Worried it was part of a phishing scam to steal his identity or financial information, he contacted Amazon customer support to have it removed.

Unfortunately for Williams, he had a difficult time explaining the problem, as the associate designated to help him didn’t speak English.

What followed frustrated Williams so much, he posted the conversation online:

ME: ok. my real account is NOT – i had to password reset in order to get this account.

Chris Williams

FARAH: May I know the account holder please..

ME: Account holder is Chris Williams

FARAH: your first and last name plese

ME: First = Chris

Last = Williams

FARAH :okay let me check this out for you okay?

one moment plese

ME: ok


FARAH: just here..Im so sorry for taking a long time to wait on this okay..? ..this one is your account am I correct on this?

ME: yes… is my account.

FARAH: okay..Il reset your password..just check the link on you can have your new password okay?

ME: no

i don’t need you to reset my password

FARAH: OH OKAY..I ask an apology for that one..

ME: i need you to delete this “” account because it is not mine.

please don’t change my password.

FARAH: ah yah sure..I’m not going to change your Password maam..

ME: maam?

what is going on here?

FARAH: oh so sorry to call you Maam..

It goes on like that for three painful pages, with Farah proposing less-than-helpful solutions like resetting Williams’ password, deleting his real email account, and offering to delete it for him.

In its report, Business Insider attempted its own customer support conversation with Amazon and learned that support staff based in India copy and paste pre-selected English phrases in attempts to solve customer’s problems.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the most effective solution for Williams.

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