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The Guardian employs c-word in misogyny story

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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And we’re not talking cupcakes.

Anonymous tweeters took a beating today and some accounts are being abolished as online misogyny has reached heights unacceptable for even Twitter, the bastion of modern journalism, fun, filth, sleaze and everything in between. The Guardian reported the news this morning. The number of suspended accounts is purportedly 30.

In the story is the aforementioned c-word, which in this case is “cunt” — a word many female bloggers have been called in the course of their work. Freelance journalist Caroline Criado-Perez, no stranger to misogynistic abuse, said being called the c-word is not any big deal.

“I don’t bother reporting accounts that just call me a cunt, which is what they seem to think,” she told The Guardian. “Just ones that are directly threatening or are inciting harassment, like the Anonymous accounts have been.”

Also targeted was The Times (of London) columnist Caitlin Moran, who claimed she has no “verified” account or contact with Twitter. But the Twitter account that appears to exist for her is very active and has her bio as: “Writing the fuck out of shit since 1992” and links to The Times. She has upwards of 481,000 followers.

Not surprisingly, she was more jovial about the matter, saying, “If I had a hot-line to Twitter HQ, I’d have used it to campaign for all half-naked pictures of Bruce Springsteen to be much bigger.”