UConn professor busted for peeing in parking lot, vandalizing fancy cars

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The Daily Caller’s Gold Star Professor of the Week is Gabriel Fenteany, a Harvard-educated University of Connecticut chemistry who was arrested on Monday for peeing in a parking lot and vandalizing several expensive cars.

University of Connecticut police arrested Fenteany, 46, on a warrant, reports The Hartford Courant.

The events leading to the arrest happened on Oct. 26 in the affluent Connecticut town of Greenwich.

First, Fenteany, allegedly got very intoxicated when visiting someone he knew. Then, he sauntered through some parking lots “urinating, spitting, kicking, and ripping the side view mirrors off high-end cars.”

A police report says the associate professor tore mirrors from the sides of two Audis, two Lexuses, a BMW and a Honda Civic.

It’s not clear how Fenteany got busted for his alleged exploits, but he now faces a host of criminal mischief charges and a charge of breach of the peace.

Officials at the University of Connecticut have placed Fenteany on administrative leave pending the completion of a police investigation, according to the Courant. He is currently banned from campus.

The webpage of UConn’s chemistry department notes that Fenteany obtained a Ph.D. from Harvard University and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Over at Rate My Professors, one student describes Fenteany as “easily the hardest” organic chemistry professor on campus. “Tests are utterly ridiculous.” However, he reportedly “gives a generous curve at the end of the semester” and is “a super nice guy.”

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