With Obama’s immigration pivot, he can finally kiss the Millennials goodbye

Salvator La Mastra Author, 'Twentysomethings: A Young Voter's Guide to the 2012 Elections'
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There is no denying that young Americans have been the power-house behind all Democratic wins in the last decade. Young voters comprise over a quarter of the electorate; without us a candidate cannot win a People’s Choice Award, let alone a major election. With us, comes electoral victory. Period. And I don’t mean “period” like you do Mr. President. We are the only votes that matter for 21st century electoral victory. Mr. President, you have us to thank for your election and reelection, for Obamacare, and for the rash and foolish decision Senator Harry Reid made in ushering filibuster reform in the U.S. Senate.

But it is time we said no more, Mr. President, no more.

We are young, we are passionate, and we are the product of failed Republican leadership. We came of age in a time where Republicans led the charge into Iraq and Afghanistan to target ‘weapons of mass destruction’; a time of horrible economic downturn that turned into distrust of the free market, and a time when healthcare and education seemed to be headed down a path of self-destruction. All this led to a blind and faithful trust in Democrats and their vision for the country.

In particular, we put our trust in a senator from Illinois who promised to have our backs in Washington D.C., who promised jobs, education, and the most transparent administration in history. As with most politicians, all we got were broken promises and a president who doubled down on polarization. We have a president who throws us under the bus during every game of political chicken, the least transparent administration in history, skyrocketing costs of education, and an economy only offering minimum wage and part-time jobs.

But we stuck by you, Mr. President, and secured your reelection. We trusted you one more time and this time that has led to the biggest political debacle since biggest political debacle since Bush thought it was a good idea to have the U.S. Army establish Mesopotamian democracy; Obamacare.

The Obamacare rollout has singlehandedly erased every political gain Democrats have secured with young voters in the last decade. Now, in 2013, we are still young, we are still passionate, and we are now the product of failed Democratic leadership.

Look at the polls Mr. President, look where your leadership has taken your party. The latest polls show 48 percent of young adults disapprove of your job performance, 68 percent of young adults think the country is headed down the wrong track, and 59 percent of young adults oppose Obamacare overall, while 38 percent approve of it.

We are running from the Democratic Party because your ill-conceived progressive political agenda places burden upon burden upon our backs and those of generations to come. Have you forgotten whom you owe your presidential victories to?

We are saddled with the highest amount of student loan debt in history. We are forced into Obamacare to pay for older, wealthier people’s healthcare. We search high and low to find a job in an anemic economy, while coping with skyrocketing energy and living expenses. On top of all this, you are now pushing immigration “reform.”

We aren’t dumb or blind. Allowing around 11 million illegal immigrants, otherwise known as criminals, access to our social security, our unemployment benefits, our Medicaid and Medicare, and most importantly our jobs, is an offense that is not forgivable. You have turned your backs on us for the last time, you may not be on the ballot this time but your allies still have House and Senate seats to defend and they will not be getting any help from us. Amnesty is a death policy for young Americans seeking the American dream. Mr. President please take your finger off the trigger and work on repaying your debt to the millions of young adults who secured your historic electoral victories. You have put your greed and lust for power above us too many times and are doing it again, not for humanitarian reasons, but for 11 million new Democratic voters.

If your fellow Democrats will not will hold you accountable for your failed leadership and lies, rest assured Mr. President, we will. The next election is 11 months away and when November 2014 rolls around, Mr. President, you can kiss our votes goodbye!