DENIED: President Obama can’t have an Apple

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Thanks to the NSA, President Barack Obama has access to almost everything on your iPhone. And because of that, now the president can’t have an iPhone of his own.

While talking up the Affordable Care Act Wednesday, Obama told a crowd of young people he’s not allowed to have one of the infamous Apple devices because of “security reasons,” according to Reuters.

Those reasons likely include the possibility that Apple was one of several Silicon Valley tech giants that allowed the NSA to pull consumer data directly from their servers. The company continues to deny vague aspects of the accusation.

Obama broke presidential precedent by keeping his personal BlackBerry when he took office in 2009.

The original mobile email provider almost went out of business recently after years of steady decline in market share and stock value, thanks to smartphone market competition from Android and Apple devices.

Blackberry has since lost a slew of major contracts, including the Department of Defense.

But there’s good news for the president – earlier this week, BlackBerry’s new CEO announced the company was no long for sale, and that rumors of its demise were “greatly exaggerated.”

Thankfully, the president told the crowd, he’s still allowed to use his iPad.

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