Fox and dog are the cutest best friends of all time [PHOTOS]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A photographer in Norway was walking her dog Sniffer, when the pooch made a most unlikely friend. Torgeir Berge started photographing Sniffer and his new fox friend, named Tinni, as they romped about in the forest.

The closeness of the two inspired Berge to use them as inspiration for a children’s book, which will aim to raise awareness about the fur trade.

“Sniffer and Tinni want our help to spread their message about fur and friendship, and the knowledge about that the fox is only a dog of the forest with the same reactions and movements as the dogs we look at as the man’s best friend,” the website explains.

Some of the income from the book will be given to an anti-fur group. See the cuteness for yourself.

See the photos below:

fox and dog 5fox and dog 2
fox and dog 3fox and dog 6
fox and dog 1

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