Rush Limbaugh to move to several new stations in New Year

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Rush Limbaugh listeners in some markets might have to shift their dials a little in the new year.

The conservative talk host will be moving to new stations in several markets around the country after Jan. 1, including New York City and California’s two most prominent markets. Limbaugh will still be live in his traditional time slots — noon to 3 p.m. EST, 9 a.m. to noon PST on those stations.

In Los Angeles, Limbaugh will be moving from Clear Channel KFI-AM to Clear Channel KTLK, a station to be rebranded “The Patriot” with a more conservative line up, at 1150 AM.

In San Francisco, he will be moving from Clear Channel KKSF-AM to Clear Channel KNEW, a station to be rebranded “Right Radio” also set to cater to a more conservative audience, at 960 AM.

In New York, as TheDC has previously reported, Limbaugh will be moving from his flagship Cumulus-owned WABC to Clear Channel WOR AM 710. (Related: Limbaugh to leave flagship WABC in NYC, but stay on other Cumulus stations)

Limbaugh’s spokesman Brian Glicklich, explained to TheDC that is has been common practice to use the conservative host as ballast and star power for emerging stations.

“Clear Channel has made dozens of similar affiliation changes in the past several years to improve the performance of underdeveloped radio stations. Some examples include Houston, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Boston, Portland, Raleigh, Greensboro, Fresno, and many more,” Glicklich added in an emailed statement.

“Rush Limbaugh has built the ratings and revenue of hundreds of America’s most successful radio stations, and is looking forward to doing the same at these new Clear Channel homes,” he continued.

Limbaugh’s first live show in the New Year on the new stations will be Jan. 6.

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