Rand Paul says wife currently against him running for president [VIDEO]

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Sen. Rand Paul said Friday his wife’s views on a 2016 campaign will determine whether he runs for president — and she is currently against the idea.

After giving a speech Friday at the Detroit Economic Club, Paul was asked if he’s running for president in 2016, to the applause of the audience.

“Where is my cell phone?” Paul responded. “Can I call my wife?”

“I tell people there’s two votes in my family,” he continued. “And my wife has both of them. Both of them are no votes right now.”

The Kentucky Republican lawmaker suggested that he wants to run, and just needs to “persuade” his wife.

“So if I’m a very able politician,” Paul said, “I’ll tell you in a year whether I’m able to persuade my wife. Right now I don’t know yet, but I thank you for your interest.”

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