Middle school teacher sacked for calling student ‘dirty ho,’ telling girl he’d ‘tap that’

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The Daily Caller’s Gold Star Teacher of the Week is teacher James Lang who was fired for — among much else — repeatedly hitting on a French teacher, calling one female student a “dirty ho” and “Jo-Jo the Ho-Ho” and informing another female student that would “tap that” as she was leaning down to pick up some paper.

One of the Lang’s pick-up lines for the French teacher is just legendary. He allegedly told her he wished she was Lady Gaga so she could “hook up” with another female teacher and he could watch.

On Nov. 29, a New Jersey administrative judge ruled that the Woodbridge Township School District was within its rights to fire the previously tenured teacher from his job as an English teacher at Fords Middle School.

The decree comes 20 month after the district suspended Lang without pay.

Lang was hired in 2003 and taught in three middle local schools. Accusations of a troubling pattern of behavior date back to his first year teaching.

A girl who wanted to improve her grades claims he told her that she would be “better off working the streets,” for example. He also spoke about a female student as “13 and pregnant,” reports the Morristown Daily Record.

During class one day, Lang asked students if they would be scared if his “snake were in their bed.”

Another time, he told students that his boss, who is now a principal at a local elementary school, had a problem with her bladder. He also noted that he spotted her “out drinking and dancing.”

The principal of Fords Middle School, Glenn Lottman, gave testimony indicating that many students didn’t want to attend Lang’s class because of some of the statements he made.

Administrative judge Tiffany M. Williams ruled that Lang “violated all standards of decency” and “contributed to a sexually demeaning environment.”

“He is not fit to lead in an educational institution among moldable young minds,” she concluded.

Lang testified on his own behalf in the administrative court proceeding. He denied all the charges against him.

The Daily Record notes that Lang was popular among students prior to his suspension.

His superiors had given him dependably satisfactory performance evaluations, according to CBS New York.

The teacher’s attorney, Edward Cridge, indicated that Lang will appeal the decision.

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