Rush Limbaugh: Obama didn’t know it was Raul Castro’s hand he was shaking [AUDIO]

Brendan Bordelon | Contributor

Rush Limbaugh believes President Barack Obama didn’t know who Cuban President Raul Castro was when he shook his hand at Nelson Mandela’s funeral Tuesday morning — not that it would have mattered if he did.

“The handshake for Raul Castro — I’m telling you, the truth of that is — if you want to be offended by it, don’t be,” the radio host claimed Tuesday afternoon. “Obama would’ve bowed if he knew who Castro was.”

Limbaugh said the president doesn’t consider how his actions will be interpreted because he cannot imagine people viewing him negatively.

“You’ve got to understand Obama’s mindset,” Limbaugh explained. “When he arrives at this thing — you know, he’s taking selfies! He’s thinking to himself, ‘What must these people think to be in my presence?’ He’s not running on that stage, ‘Ooh there’s Raul Castro, I think I’ll go shake his hand and I’ll really irritate some people,’ or ‘There’s Raul Castro, I really admire him.’ He doesn’t think that way.”

“He is on stage and it’s all about him,” Limbaugh declared. “And what happened was that Raul Castro shook his hand, not the other way around.”

The talk-radio star said the president’s self-centered mindset blinds him to the message he’s sending to the rest of the world.

“There’s a day not long ago where this today would not have happened,” he said. “An American president would not deign to legitimize some of the bad actors that were among the so-called ‘dignitaries’ at this memorial.

“But we live in a different era now,” he continued, “where the left celebrates this country being chopped down to size. The left celebrates this country being criticized and thought of as nothing special and in fact thought of as to blame for a lot of the world’s problems. The president has apologized for our country numerous times; he clearly is of a mindset that the U.S. is guilty of things far more than it is deserving of praise for things.”

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