TSA confiscates tiny toy gun from a stuffed animal

Sarah Hofmann | Contributor

A Transportation Security Administration agent in Seattle confiscated a small toy gun that was a prop for a sock monkey last Tuesday.

The passenger who had the stuffed animal with her, Phyllis May, owns a small business that sews specialized sock monkeys.

This monkey was named “Rooster Monkburn,” after the “True Grit” character. May had Monkburn and a few other monkeys, as well as sewing supplies, in her carry-on, when she was detained by the TSA, KING5 reports.

May was pulled aside, and the agent held up the two-inch toy pistol. The agent said, “this is a gun,” to which May replied, “No, it’s not a gun it’s a prop for my monkey.”

The agent then reportedly told May, “If I held it up to your neck, you wouldn’t know if it was real or not.”

May was confused.

The agent said they would have to call the police. May said she told the agent to go ahead, but said, “Really? You’re kidding me, right?”

She later described the experience.

“Rooster Monkburn has been disarmed so I’m sure everyone on the plane was safe. I understand she was doing her job but at some point doesn’t common sense prevail?”

Great question, Phyllis.

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