Watch this trailer for a new film that exposes Common Core [VIDEO]

Robby Soave | Reporter

A new documentary film about Common Core promises to expose the faulty logic and pro-government agenda underlining the controversial national education standards.

The filmmaker, Ian Reid, interviewed dozens of Common Core’s supporters and opponents, but seems to come out heavily against the standards in the trailer for his film, “Building the Machine: A Film About the Common Core.” The trailer features interviews with notable critics of the standards, including education experts Sandra Stotsky, E.D. Hirsch and Joy Pullmann.

“The biggest misconception that Common Core proponents push on people is that there is any evidence that a system like Common Core will benefit children,” said Pullman, editor of School Reform News, in the trailer.

Initially conceived by a bipartisan coalition of moderate state governors, the standards were then embraced and pushed by President Barack Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan. They are currently being implemented in most states, though they continue to receive significant pushback from both grassroot conservative organization and teachers unions. Critics of the standards claim they are untested, stress high-stakes evaluations, and erode local and state control over education.

The film will likely explore the Gates Foundation’s involvement in the standards. The foundation is a major underwriter of Common Core.

A 30-minute version of the film will get a limited release in February, followed by the release of the full version in spring.

UPDATE: The video was temporarily taken down, but is now available again.

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