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The Democrats want little kids to die of cancer

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Well, not really. But that’d be the headline, or the appropriate variation thereof, if it was the Republicans doing the following. So deal with it, libs.

Matt Fuller, The Hill:

While the House ties up some legislative loose ends this week before adjourning for the year, there is one suspension bill the public — and House Republicans — might be surprised to find many Democrats opposing: a measure aimed at boosting pediatric medical research at the National Institutes of Health.

The “Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act,” named after a 10-year-old girl who died in October following an 11-month battle with an inoperable brain tumor, would end $12.5 million in funding for party nominating conventions and authorize the money for pediatric research grants instead…

The Wednesday vote sets up a politically charged choice for Democrats: Vote to fund politics or vote to fund research for childhood diseases.

Wanna guess which way they’ll land on that one?


Another Democratic leadership aide told CQ Roll Call that the bill was “disrespectful to the intelligence of the American people” and “a desperate attempt to cover up the GOP’s abysmal record to adequately fund the NIH.”

“Democrats won’t support it,” the aide said of the bill.

Good. Fine. Don’t. You can explain to all the people who loved Gabriella Miller why you want more little kids to be taken from their loving families the way she was.

(Notice how unfair that is? How cynical and nauseatingly manipulative it is? We learned it from you, Dems. We learned it by watching you.)

Hat tip: Glenn

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