A win for common sense? School drops sexual harassment charge against boy

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The six-year-old boy who was suspended for kissing his girlfriend on her hand will not have a charge of sexual harassment added to his permanent record, school officials announced.

Hunter Yelton was initially suspended for two days and charged with sexual harassment by officials at the elementary school in Canon City, Colo. But since the behavior — a kiss on the hand — was so innocuous, and the relationship consensual, his mother complained about the harshness of the charge.

Yelton didn’t know what sex was, but became more curious about it after learning he had been charged with sexual harassment. This led to an uncomfortable conversation between the boy and his mother, Jennifer Saunders. (RELATED: Sexual harassment charge for six-year-old who kissed his GF’s hand)

Though the school initially maintained that Yelton’s actions constituted harassment, after fielding complaints and criticism from the media, administrators modified the charge from “sexual harassment” to “misconduct.”

The change was opposed by the young girl’s mother, who told Canon City News that she views Yelton’s behavior as sexual harassment, and thought a harsh punishment was necessary to deter it.

Saunders maintained that Yelton deserved to be punished, but not have sexual harassment on his record at age six.

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