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George Bush is now cool, and that’s not cool

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One of the theories about hipsters is that they like to like things that other people don’t like, because it makes them feel unique and special. The problem is, some hipsters like things that other hipsters don’t like, and then those other hipsters get all mad and write stuff such as the following.

Juli Weiner, Vanity Fair:

George W. Bush was once very uncool. So uncool, in fact, that in 2005, The New York Times reported that the then-president’s use of an iPod threatened Apple’s status as premier purveyor of “the electronic toys of the anti-establishment set.” The paper then asked a question: “If someone as mainstream as President Bush has caught on to something allegedly so hip, what can Apple do to keep iPod chic and cutting edge?”…

That’s right, folks: the NYT does not like George Bush.

But, if you can believe it, some people actually do! So, which wingnut, teabagging, hostage-taking terrorists are making excuses for that evil, grammar-mangling warmonger now?

Lately, George W. Bush is a hipster icon, and the Internet, unofficial Fourth Estate of the youth of America, is totally buying it…

Though definitely aided by his love of animals, biking hobby, Internet savvy, and U-Street-friendly uniform, Bush’s transmutation from iPod-threatening lameness monster into smiling blog mascot aligns closely with his painting career…

Bush’s reputation as an “outsider artist” solidified with the release of each new batch of paintings. Blogs were gentle in their reviews of dozens of paintings of dogs and sunsets, and that kindness eventually and perhaps inevitably was extended to the artist himself.

And so on, and so forth.

Kids these days. Don’t they realize that all the problems President Obama is dealing with today were inherited from George Bush? Don’t they know that Bush was the first, last, and only president to ever send American troops to die on foreign soil? Have they forgotten that Bush actually says “new-kyew-lurr”?

Thank goodness we wised up and elected a president who’s super-cool. Twice. Now everything’s great.


(Hat tip: Emily Zanotti)