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Politico’s Mike Allen: Your chariot awaits

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This morning at around 9:30 a.m., this was the Town Car from Sunny’s Limousine Service awaiting Politico‘s Playbook Majesty Mike Allen, who is still slightly hopping around in a gynormous black boot cast from his gym accident. Allen majestically hosted the publication’s Playbook Breakfast this morning in the Newseum’s Knight Center. He asked tough, sometimes awkward questions that hung in the air and made panelists pause and weigh their words carefully. It wasn’t necessarily a softball sort of time, even for a This Town kind of affair. On the panel was CNN’s Jake Tapper, NYTs Mark Leibovich and Peter Baker and NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell. We hear Leibovich was tackled in the men’s room for an impromptu book signing after the event ended. Tackled might be strong. Maybe ‘strongly approached’ is more apt.

The Mirror phoned up Sunny’s for a price check. The cost of transporting Allen from the Newseum to presumably Politico‘s World Domination HQ in Arlington, Va. is $59 without tax or tip. Round trip would make it approximately $120.